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I have no current appreciation. I was trapped in that echo chamber for 11 years. David Knight is no longer there. He was the best one there. In regards to anger allow the enemy to cloud their judgement with such feelings.

I think zerohedge is an agregate site mostly with multiple writers. They source their articles well. While you can see their spin from time to time we must learn to slice such propaganda between the invisible lines.

I can not abandon my homeland. I am one of the most blood natives not registered you may never meet. There are many free states in this bananna republic. The beauty of our founders is how they devided and placed power as local as possible. Other than that my wife wants to be on an island so we will likely be Florida bound the older we get. I just have some family things to set in place before we can change states. I would rather stay in the battleground that will be Ohio when the kenetics start.