Steve Pieczenik on Infowars Interview Commentary : Spread the $ and Bacterial Harmony Theory

in informationwar •  2 months ago 

I found this recent interview interesting.

  1. spread the $ around, very easy to understand to support local and national business (who are worthy and not among the globalist establishment)... once they reopen.

  2. the bacterial harmony disagreement... okay I finally got why they take antibiotics... So the idea he defends is that the virus may take over bacterias and use them to self replicate...

I disagree with it. First I am not sure that this virus can take over bacteria, but even if it was the case : my theory says that letting it happen should result in those bacteria getting flushed down... and do bacterias get resistant too? the core idea is rather than flush everything (anti- biotic, anti life) to find harmony and balance with those trillions of living beings inside oneself to reach true harmony. Of course this is not possible on gmo / glypho and others chemicals and processed food... it requires natural organic soil grown food...

at least that's my theory...

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Things like macrophages are said to devour things like bacteria in the bloodstream and things like antibodies are mostly focused on things like viruses. It might be tougher for macrophages to locate and capture viruses, assuming that they even can in the first place as viruses are smaller than bacteria. Therefore, if some of the viruses are inside bacteria, then that would make it easier for the macrophages, perhaps. But I guess we still have antibodies and perhaps other things which should be dealing with the viruses. So, if your body didn't have enough antibodies, strong enough antibodies, or the right types of antibodies custom designed for specific types of viruses, then that might be a problem. If a bacteria could act like a sponge to soak up viruses and if macrophages could then devour the bacteria, then that could perhaps speed up the process of flushing out viruses to some extent. It is partly a question of which would be better or faster, the antibodies fighting viruses or the macrophages digesting the viruses. I would prefer to focus on macrophages at least in theory, if they could work like a big giant push broom or like a giant riding John Deere lawn mower machine and the antibodies would be like a weed wacker or something a lot smaller for the corners.