The animalistic nature of the killing are in reality racist crimes, the case of the bus driver in France...

in #informationwar3 months ago

What I find interesting, is that right now the animal beat to kill.

it's very visible in many videos, where they diligently target the heads of their victims.

Specially when they start to row punches when the victim is already on the ground, mostly unconcsious... or when they intentionnally beat the head of the victim using their feet, mega kick or running and jumping on it.

this is a very distrubing trend.

those animals have no place in the human world and rather than waste tax dollars and ressources on their upkeep, their extermination is necessary.

independently of their melanin level.

I know for the people with the little hats who love to see the society they occupy and parasite disintegrate to facilitate their rapes and others looting operations, it's of course a big no no !

we have to show kindness, and finance that.



btw who are the murderers? I guess they just have "french papers"...