Why isn't the american police using skunk/waste water to remove the rioters?

in #informationwar2 months ago (edited)

For those unaware, this was used by the israelis a while back. It just non toxic water laced with things that make it smell super bad !

Then rather than fight, or have to disperse gaz, or even hurt the so called peaceful protesters, you just spray them kindly from a safe distance...

And they will smell bad... stink even... and depending on the water mix (always biological and safe) for a while !

And they will be all wet ! and smelly... ahahah.

But it's not funny at all... I guess, the new plan of the united nations, that mike pompeo doesn't fight and prefer to waste his resources and time on china, is to use armed protests to take away the second amendment !

ahhaha ! you didn't guest it morons? right? or maybe you are with them in their global cities totalitarian authoritarian submissive agenda?

but you know, you are free to become slaves from the one world tyranny...

I just say, I prefer for safety and stability, real diverse countries, preserving their identities, cultures and origins than this unification replacing traditions by folklore gimmicks and in peace : ie don't impose pig on the muslims, nor your vegan crap on me.

let them be, let them live, arrest and execute the childrapists (aristocrats or not) and let the natural plants of the creation (coca, poppy, cannabis) be !

or you will be destroyed.