Associated Press - If Any Of You Guys Kid Yourselves That Global Marxism Isn't Real Then Take A Look At This Seriously Fucked Up Shit!

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This is the Vice President for Standards at Associated Press, the huge global news agency that is responsible for providing a plethora of news to news outlets across the world which is consumed by billions of people on a daily basis. Here he is confirming that Associated Press will now use a capital B when writing about black people and a lowercase W when talking about white people. Absolutely no prejudice or discrimination meant against white people whatsoever. No none at all. It's clear the cultural Marxist attack on the white race continues. If ever you needed proof of a global movement that has the destruction of western civilisation and white people as its principal objective well here you have even more.

This extremist moron goes on to say:


Yes this is how you achieve racial equality by smearing and demeaning another race. This culture war has now reached whole new levels as we have all witnessed during the past few months with race riots sweeping countries in which there is no link between race and police brutality, as the official figures confirm in Britain for example. In Brtiain people used what happened in America to riot for 'racial equality' when there was no reason at all, they were literally fighting a fake oppression.

In Britain we are the most tolerant nation on the planet but that's not good enough for these destructive aimless leftist creatures. Please show me another country which has reduced the indigenous population of its own capital city to a minority? London is now 45% white British. What have our governments been up to?