Winning the Information War - Starts With Getting the INFORMATION OUT

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Here is the entire (uncensored) video from

If that doesn't work, try bitchute:

Big Tech is Suppressing this Information

This is critical to get out. There is a cure for COVID19. Hydroxychloroquine and zinc will eliminate the illness if caught early, literally within hours!

The website of these doctors was taken down by Squarespace.


We are truely in an #informationwar and the oppressors are the ones with the big information guns. But word spreads fast, even with big social media and tech companies trying to suppress it. Amazingly, the best advertisement is censorship, because everyone want's to hear what is being covered up! Especially when the claim is a CURE for the dreaded beer virus.


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I have already seen that video and the Dr. was brave to say what she said knowing full well there would be push back! Bravo to her! Thanks for getting this information out there! May more and more people have their eyes open to what is going on!

why didn't you provide a zeronet link or maybe simply a bittorrent link?

yeah I saw it too, where is she from? I guess they don't use hydrochloroquine in south africa...

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