Ok, you ADHD addled TLDR peeps, cuz 20 Questions was just TOO LONG... I present: TEN QUESTION SPI MEMBER Interviews!

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Our first victim, selected by ME, last week, is @SILVERTOP! He is commenting on my postings, like clockwork, so I took him as a 'target of opportunity'!!! THEN I REALIZED, I did not answer these questions myself! So, in all fairness, I will go first! Last week we saw my original interview with the original OG Interviewer, @SilverStackerUK. This is my interview of myself with my "adapted" (some might say "stolen"🤣) questions. So you can all get to know "UNDY".

1/ When and how did you find out about Steem/HIVE and what prompted you to start and continue posting?
Same as before, a second-hand web friend, named STAN. Everyone thought it was Stan Larimer, but it is another STAN. Self made crypto Millionaire, #5 wallet of REDDCOIN, and holds many other blue chip cryptos as well. Like quite a bit of BTC and BCH(abc) plus some Ethereum. He got me into ETH at $12 and my current HIVE holdings are an offshoot of that original "play money" I first dumped into crypto in 2016.

2/ How did you find out about SPINVEST and what appealed to you to make you sign up?
I was around from the word GO on SPINVEST (or close to it) I can't remember if I contacted SSUK or he contacted me, but we have been pretty tight since the old SSG days. I have been in on a lot of his projects, he's always made money so I decided to jump in with both feet. Great Decision 👍

3/ How long ago and what first got you interested in precious metals, or Crypto, or both?
(your choice) Crypto and SPI answered above, so I will revisit Precious Metals. In the old SSG questionnaire, I talked about SILVER. In this I will address my foray into GOLD Stacking.
I got my first large Gold piece a few years back, I cannot remember the date but it was Summer, and GOLD was right at $1220 per ounce. I had a friend who had a friend, she had inherited an 1875 "Double Eagle" or $20 US gold coin. It was in good condition, like Fine to Very Fine, as near as I could tell from the pictures that PCGS (or NGC) has displayed on the comparison website. But I was only offering bullion price, and I could not get it for less than $1200. Turned out to be a great purchase, it has only gone UP since then! TODAY it is worth $718 MORE than I paid. 60% Profit. I have since bought quite a bit more GOLD, grams, a one-quarter ounce Maple, and a few dozen AGE. I still want to get a Krugerrand, a one ounce Maple, and a decent St. Gaudens would be nice too. These will come after my Crypto investments surpass my PM profits... which could be really soon!

4/ In your own mind. What type of INVESTOR would you class yourself as if you could only pick one type and why? (crypto, physical, or w/e you like) In CRYPTO, I like the HODL. My favorite category is Blue Chip ALTS. This current crop of DEFI and Staking coins is my passion right now. In STABLE RETURNS, I wrote about TEZOS (XTZ) and ETH as my favorites. They both went Crazy last night, and for a bit I was WAY UP! Today they are both still up, but most coins on coinbase oddly took a major hit from last night's highs. BTC was up over 12k, dove to right at 10.3 and then leveled out at 11.5 or so. BIG profit taking, and all the coins I track on my coinbase dashboard dumped at the same time... every single chart. Like it was orchestrated. But I believe it could have been follow the leader, just too close of a time frame to show on the dashboard. I'm still pretty happy with it, all my big money coins (non-HIVE chain stuff) are higher today than they were early yesterday.

5/ Do you plan your precious metal (or Crypto) buys with goals in mind or do you go with the flow and stack here and there?
I used to fly by the seat of my pants, bow I plan it out a little more. I was letting my emotions get to me, even with my "big money" retirement funds (in crypto) so I had made too many wrong moves thru being impatient. I decided to stop doing that, and bought TEZOS (which earns interest, plus coin price gains) and ETH (32 for future staking in ETH 2.0) They both went up nicely yesterday (Tezos dropped back a bit more than ETH) so I am glad I am just not gonna worry about it. I also keep a little BTC around. it's up nicely from when I bough it (9000 range). For crypto I just buy when I have the cash, and I am planning to move future crypto gains into PMs also. Metals may not rise as far or as fast as Crypto but it's much harder to lose Metals. This Guy says so!!!

Rob's AR big.jpg

6/ Being an 'OG' member and watching SPINVEST from the beginning, (or even a Johnny-come-lately) where do you think we are headed? Can we get any better or have we peaked?
I AM an OG in SPINVEST, and I was #1 HODLer for most of the first year. I have since sold the bulk of my SPI, but that is not for lack of confidence in the project! I see it just like this, SSUK and the Club are diversifying the Club's holdings, the bulk of that is BTC and Tether, which is earning interest. We still have the HIVE LEASES which are doing well, but the concern is the dropping price of HIVE. SPI stays well ahead of that, with all the diversity. The Spinvest Club is constantly working to find new ways to earn, so I left some in. But at this point in time, I see a leveling out possibly (Blaming HIVE) and I can really make some hay with the coming Bull Market in PMs and Crypto. The vast majority of my Hive Investment was in SPI, and i seems to be the perfect time for a change. SPI has been, and will continue to be, "Get Rich Slowly" and steadily. I don't ever know of a time that SPI has lost any ground, in fact. But the brilliant reinvestent strategy of rolling over the Steem Powerdowns really goosed my SPI earnings, I was also personally putting my Steem into SPI and Hive-Engine stuff. I am taking a big bucket of Profits and leaving a good portion of Seed Money in SPI and KANDA, and my other @ackza related projects. I run the Cryptowars.me front ends and the whale accounts @infowarslife and @underground (5 million infowars tokens) and also a KANDA Whale (1 million+) Zach (ackza) and Company are building a cross-chain, multi-platform network of Crypto and Social Media platforms that will FAR Exceed anything else out there, in fact no one has the vision that Zach does, he is actually making it happen. So I am still well connected to HIVE, I am offering the 'censorship resistant' platform, I control about 55 million tokens and no one can flag and hide anything on my platform. It might be hidden on HIVE, but the cryptowars.me is censorship resistant.
SHORT Story LONG, I'm still very much involved with Hive and the Hive Tribes. Our Hive-Engine tokens, however, are multi-platform and are engineered to grow despite Hive dropping out of the Top 100 on CMC. Much like SPINVEST is doing...

7/ If you could only stack 1 coin, bar or round. Which coin/series/bar would you pick and why? Likewise, what Crypto Investment would you home in on?
COINS, I think I'd have to say AGE, American Gold Eagles. GOLD carries lots of value in a small pocket. BUT, (and this is a BIG BUTT 😉) Right now I am concentrating on state issued .999 SILVER or .999 generic rounds. The reasoning is simple, historically, Silver has seen much more volatility and has just come off of historic LOWS versus Gold. It is still VERY undervalued. Currently around 80:1 (it was more than 100:1) and last time Silver peaked in 2011 it reached about the 30:1 range. It "should" get to a lower numerical ratio this go around, in fact, the target is 10:1 which exceeds the historic "normal ratio" of 15:1. But 30:1 means RIGHT NOW it would be $65/ozT range. so $60 to $70 SILVER is a huge profit from where we are at this moment. All it takes is a stable Gold price and some TIME. You heard it here FIRST, all else being equal, expect at least $65 Silver if Gold just holds par. 25:1 and $2,000 Gold is $80 Silver. So I am going to swap SILVER (near the peak) for GOLD. That is why ultimately, I say Gold Coins are my #1 HODL.
CRYPTO: Everyone says "HODL BTC" and it is the Crypto "Gold Stabdard" (less volatility, highest prices) but I am not gonna say that. I really like my XTZ (tezzies) and the system has massive utility which BTC does not have, and someday I see something like Tezos overtaking BTC for top spot. Even if it does not, nearly all the Blue Chip Alts have way more growth potential than BTC. If I pick the best "alt" and ride it all the way up, I will make tons more money than dropping the same $$$ into BTC and just sitting on it. But picking is a possibility too, so many do move to BTC. Once I find the 'perfect alt' I will be prone to sticking with it. My XTZ has grown to (at times) over 50% gains, but so has my ETH, and ETH help up better last night (8-1-2020) than nearly everything else, including XTZ and BTC. You might say I am 'seeking the perfect ALT' Coin!

8/ On a scale of 1-10 scoring yourself on stackitis stress levels. What would be your highest level ever raised, what were your symptoms and how did you overcome it? PMs, Cryptos or both.
In PMS it was ELEVEN, but cryptos, I had to reel it in a bit. It's way to easy to strike a few keys and make a big mistake. Which I have done a few times. So I had to dial it back, and not move emotionally. I nearly sold XTZ at $3.06 last night (8-1-2020) but where would I have put the funds? ETH was too high (over $400, and it dropped back to $370) I missed the lows in BTC of $10,300 but ti stabilized at $11,000 so I guess I could have done that. But I promised myself I would NOT MOVE ON EMOTION. So I did not. XTZ will bounce back, and it is still earning those sweet divs! I have been averaging $3 a day, not too bad. Bank Interest is totally worthless, I am making 80 times what a bank pays. So I am solid in XTZ.

9/ Scenario – You are in a well known, legit Crypto Exchange, and see something unbelievable, let's just say you see BitCoin for like $1500, and you have a large amount of one of their trading pairs available. Suppose $15,000 in LTC. Do you buy as much BTC as possible? Do you tell anyone as quickly as possible or do you try and raise more cash? Think of a Flash-Crash scenario.
Flash Crash scenario is not as uncommon as you might think, and it is totally ethical to buy in that case. I had my "good reasons" to buy Platinum at Silver Prices in a Pawn Shop, and I stay by those, but if I found a prolonged flash crash arbitrage opportunity I'd even be telling friends to pile in if there was time. Yes Indeed!

10/ What’s your favourite food ever? Make it more interesting if you wish, favorite food/drink combos? For example, McD's Burger, Fries, Coke? lol
Same as before, but under this modified question, I'd say PIZZA 🍕 and Beer 🍻🍺 Even a tasty N.A. beer is great with Pizza! But I like to watch the intake, I avoid pizza and beer in most forms, at most times. The intermittent fasting is working well for me at this time!

look out, @silvertop! YOU ARE NEXT! 😳😳🤣

💪😎👍 ... ghost written by: @underground; @spinvest-neo


LOL SPInvest seems more like a MILITIA NOW lol

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If they want to steal gold, "look elsewhere" is what I say :D

Pay people with https://challengedapp.io to simply stand watch in various locations, untill we have a bunch of people planting smartphones lol cheating pretending to be sentries... well joke son them when we give those smartphones drones and boston dynamics dog to walk around with lol

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SPI we want to get rich slowly and don’t mess with our money we got guns and shit we’ll pop one in your ass!

Great interview, @underground. Looking forward to @silvetop's!
Have a lovely week ahead and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Damn that Tezzies again ... I really should look into that!

😳......Who would own all that worthless Silver and Gold, when you can go get some fresh crisp fiat!!😇😀

That's what the F'ed Reserve wants you to believe! The biggest Gold and Silver deniers are the ones that want you to HODL FIAT, while they stockpile the PMs. Central Banks.

You are spot on @underground.....That's OK we have plenty of Gold in Fort Knox LOL!😏😇😁

Well, that is debatable. At least they did let Trump's guy in there and he says it's all there. But a 'reliable source' from years ago that saw inside Fort Knox said that the Gold Stockpile had an orange-ish tint to it. That means infused with Copper, making an alloy. Our beautiful AGE's are also 10% copper, but have a full ounce contained within. However, they do not appear "orange" so if that story is to be believed, the US gold supply has been partially raided. Our 21,000 metric tons could be more like 17,000 metric tons. I'm thinking up to 20% copper to get an orange glare. Ya never know LOL

I am with you @underground, and because they want us to believe and trust fiat, we need to get rid of all that worthless relic junk LOL! I would love to see an Independent audit, but it's never going to happen LOL!

Instead of wasting timr auditing criminals, makingbthem sre legitamite lol, we should ignore them and their fiat and slowly but surely use our own mass adoprion crypto

The problem is we need one that scales. Even telos will need ro figurebout how to scale 2000x from 3 million to 6 billion cree accounts

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Buy Chain Link! because of this spooky spooky coincidence! it uses same logo as a portable tesla battery pack company! (Imagine the honor of being sued by chainlink lol )


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