Dear Alex Jones, please listen to your handler : Don't go to antifa traps !!!!!!!!

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Don't get me wrong, as much as I like to be confronted in the safety of the screen with the arrogance of this anti communist formerly cuban american jew (pieznick or what ever his name).

I can't agree more with his advice : DON'T GO !!! STAY SAFE !!!

I know I was unfair, and unjust toward you. Of course your anti abortion (MY BODY (HER CHILD), MY (and HER) CHOICE is quite boring.

However RUN for GOVERNOR or SENATOR or CONGRESS !!! But don't get blasted or snipped away by one of those rabid subhuman who seek to destroy AMERICANA !!!

Your peaceful non violent stand is great !! However it's just that I believe firmly that those who have comited TREASON or child rape or rape deserve to be killed like mad goats with madcow ! There is nothing to do with them, nothing to save nor spare, but their biomass and nutrients !!!

Then we have the second disagreement, killing the children of the tsar, which in this context, means : Killing the children of Chelsea Clinton. I know it's unfair, unjust, or brutal. But it tell them, and all their friends, involved in the treason and the childrape that here the red line start, and with all they got, now is on the line, including their offsprings.

They wanted and have succeed in killing ours, from the effects of the toxic food they legalized, to the war on plants, to the EMF to the various act of treasons, as such, it's a strong message send to their friends and associates.


And that's the point, you ain't made for WAR ! INFOwars ... we need more scale, speed and lethality... in short you would be the CCP, I would scream for action, but you ain't.

And that leads to the next point... the CCP, becoming slave of the United Nations? ahahah.



Why? Because the independence and sovereignty of CHINA will not be messed with by ANYONE but the firmest war emperor the world had ever seen (the Khan)... which lead to the resurgence with the MING WARRIORS :).

So of course, you are shocked, even afraid, by the Chinese Defenses System, which can be resumed to : you will be destroyed, why? Because you will never be able to get as dark.

In short what the enemy does at worst, will be the base line to overmatch, and raise so much, that, no, you don't want to fight the unleashing.

no nooo... nooooo.

But remember all this darkness is only possible because of the peaceful and loving foundation behind what you can't see... ! There is nothing that will out of consideration when it comes to china safety.

Then on the specific of this interview... It's clear that this guy has a serious problem with the cuban commie ! Who hasn't ? I mean those piece of rats that should be wiped in a full on assault (ahh the nice war :)) because they are just like the american antifa, ie they want to loot plunder and make it theirs.

But yeah, I don't get his Anti Haspel stance... What has she done? While the FBI corrupt leadership was supporting the rape of american children, she was taking part in the judaic wars (which by the way those crazies were (and some are) hell bent on conquering the world.

So what is the problem with her? I don't get it ... I guess pieznick is afraid.

the real issue about his rants about spy organization isn't what he says, but WHO IS IN CHARGE OF COUNTER INTELLIGENCE, but that will be the next post.

So to recap : the problem is the united nations which seek to impose it's charter over the us constitution, that's the foreign (and domestic) enemy part, the other side is those internal crazies (backed by some foreigners).

What has happen to the anti gmo stance and all those healthcare / wellness issues?

very sad...

and the fuku trails...

I guess it was the great influence of Mcadoo... and Zackari and Dr "dree"....

then on a positive note, shroyer... the plan : first texas > D.C. then Potus !!!

he could...

and what is going on with @healthranger (Mike Adams), wouldn't be nice to make peace?