The War against Israel is the best option for the usa ! 1 leaving the middle east with a bang 2 eliminate the menace once and for all 3 $ and R&D

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1. to leave the middle east with a bang

or stay but for all to know what an annihilation war looks like, not like in irak, nor afghanistan, a population extermination war.

I can't wait to see the bunker buster munitions zeroing on the few highrises of tel aviv, oh they will dance, if they wish... splendid, the sync free fall of tel aviv.

I can't wait to the MOAB explode on anything big in israel (but the al aksa), hospital, basis, supply stores, everything big (there is only a few things sadly).

I can't wait to see their whole infrastructures to be pounded to dust, transport, energy, communication, water, anything they may rely on to survive.

I can't wait to see the cyber attack opening the hostilities, when those pretending to be the geniuses raping the world lose all control, but just before realizing that it's the end.

finally, I can't wait to the carpet bombing of all those cities, from incendiaries to old stocks... razed.

BUT NEVER TOUCH THE SETTLERS... don't waste a single dollar on them.

They have special threatment awaiting them, and it's the most crual and just at the same time, for they will face the sunni way... no survivors, nothing left, dust in the wind, close and personals, so those christ killers, the few who would have escaped know, for a while, that's it's over, their dream of turning the world to slave for them.

2 eliminate the menace

from weinstein / epstein to the sacklers to 911 to uss liberty to their unsastiable thirst for domination over the american people to end, all their efforts in those past centuries, since the roman pope betrayed, to be gone to waste.

no mercy.

  1. war is good for business, the american way !

well planned, and executed massively, it shouldn't take longer than a single night, a few hours at best for everyone to return to port. massive or nothing.

will be fun !

btw , it's important that if sometimes, let say the cyber attack knock them down, to reactivate their systems to do some almost real testing, otherwise, for what they can spare... all in.

the little sub warfare will be fun.

the sea denial amuzing, remember there are no civilians, anything that tries to flee is rail gun target practices, or let them come nearer, to phalax them, and remember those support child raping, 911, what ever against the west, no mercy, no pitty. wipe out.

the "air force"... ahahaha... the us navy alone can destroy them 10x.

so yeah, it's gonna be fast, a true lightning war in a sand box.

but no conquest.

no no no

let Islam handle the the christ killers aka the settlers...

it will be swift.

and leaving the middle east with a simple message : don't fuck with us.

that must be the imperial victory : the restoration to a brighter and peacefuller world.

and so they will ask where is israel, and answered it will be : gone.

why? they went as far as raping american kids, we had no choices...

and commented it will be : good ! they deserved it !

for once a just war !

what will happen next to this area? who knows, who knows... it's not our business... but they will all know, this is what you get if...

and accross islam, they will have to say, America is great !

they will have, because it will the reality.

or america will chose to stay the slave of those people until it vanishes? no... don't be foolished... they are the christ killers.

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