Your Comfort Zone Is Your Biggest Danger Zone

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Hey Jessrisk takers

I might not be the most significant account on this platform, I might not be the most rewarded, but I sure do get some great comments from my Jessies who decide to read my content, quality over quantity and vanity metrics I suppose.

I even get a few comments on my back catalogue of posts, which is crazy because lol how did you also find it? Clearly finding yourself in zones, that you're not generally in I suppose.

@creativemary's comments recently inspired me to write this post so props to her, lol I was running thin on rants anyway and you've got to give the people what they want, they need mindless content to engage with, feed the beast!

External drives vs internal drives

Since I work on traditional social media, I'm often amazed at the garbage people will interact with and when compared to long-form content that has something to say. It's evident how people find their comfort zones and aren't going to leave it unless theirs a dramatic change in external factors. The majority of people would not leave their comfort zones from internal factors if they did, we'd see less conformity.

The fact is we're hard-wired to play it safe, years of evolution has designed us to find the most comfortable path to living and sticking to it, and while its got us so far, we cannot follow it forever. Eventually, the theory of diminishing returns takes hold.

Comfort zone

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But it's so good to be cosy

I know it's great to do what you're comfortable doing, to never be under threat never to be put in an awkward situation, the trappings are real, and its one of the fights many give up on very quickly.

It's one of the reasons we're so easy to control that we prefer being told what to do, the reason we have a 1%, we're all complicit in allowing those who are willing to move out of their comfort zone, legal, ethical or not is a debate, but we watch them leave it and take what they want while we wait for our allocation.

It's the reason why we're wrecked with inaction. So many of us are talkers, we talk about what we could, should and would do, but never do, our comfort zone is the most dangerous to our ambitions and reduces our quality of life, it does not enhance it despite what you may feel and think.

Fact is, if you're not progressing, you're regressing! So just do it, they were going to talk shit about you anyway! Get to the point where anyone would stop and continue going; there's more to it, don't you owe it to yourself to see how far you can go?

If not, that's fine, but then shut the fuck up and stay in your zone! I don't want to hear your sad story and complaints; I want to see people winning!

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Do you stick to your comfort zone?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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I spend most of the time in my comfort zone. Seriously, getting out of it takes lots of effort, especially mentally. I've been an introvert for most part of my life, but I've tried many things I wouldn't normally do in past few years.

I get it, we all have our tolerance levels for peaking out of our comfort zone, I think as long as you don’t feel in a rut and going backwards then take it at your own pace when trying new things but always consider new things never get totally set in your ways I say

but always consider new things never get totally set in your ways I say

Yup, I've been through worst side of it and some goods things as well. Have a great day :)

Well if you realize it then you’re pretty self aware and that’s not as common as you may think! Keep well

No one ever made it by staying in one's comfort zone. Look at Walt disney and McDonald for example. They went out of their comfort zone. Many atimes i tell people to join hive, they say things like its too hard and all. I am like, really??

Absolutely, if you do what everyone does, you will get what everyone gets! Don’t worry, keep doing your own thing, first they judge you and make fun of you, then they copy you! It’s a story as old as time!

This is so true... i like your write up..

So true! I'm in the stage of trying to get out of my comfort zone, and this post was so needed!

I guess my timing is on point, glad it struck a nerve with you, how do you feel you’re in a comfort zone and what are you doing to break free of it?

To be honest, I feel good in my comfort zone, but I hate big changes in my life and for that, I need to break free from my comfort..

So very true.

Time to get out and leave your mask at home and make things happen

No, im a red pill some hardcore shit

LOL! Sometimes I do like to do the soft core red pill stuff but don’t worry tomorrow we’ll be back to hardcore

Ride em cowboy


Lol Donald the camel had, 1 trump!

I love venturing out of my comfort zone and exploring new territories and horizons. Guess there's something about the challenge that appeals to me and why I do outrageous things from time to time (most of the time).

Lol, the looks I get when I tell people what I do... Fuels the fire even more to keep venturing to the unknown.

When I worked in sales, we called this comfort zone "balance" and it was up to us as sales folks to get people off balance and into the next stage of the cycle where they needed to want to buy the product. One of the other sales guys said "it always takes an event for people to buy something, otherwise you won't get anywhere".

These events are usually due to external factors and rarely internal like you say. Hardly anyone will pick up the initiative to change something these days unless they have to, and even with this pandemic, people are still waiting for handouts rather than trying to do something else that is out of their "balance".

But you and I already know this, which is why we're hunting down Orcadom and 1 BTC 🤑

Well it probably isn’t hard you Brits don’t take much to be stocked like oh no milk with his tea, sacrilege! You’re probably that guy the Nans turn their nose up at when you walk by, lol this riff raff are ruining our neighborhood with his loud music and poor use of punctuation!

Sounds like you actually had a good sales coach when I was in sales it was just the beatings shall continue until morale improves

Lol once you’ve tasted they sweet sweet freedom of crypto it’s very hard to go back! I mean what would I be doing now? Liking pics of fat bums and fake boobs on insta and resharing old memes?

Nah I’ll take my chances here, COYB - come on you bitcoiners! I feel like one coin is closer than orca but let’s see shall we, people be upvoting my posts of late and daddy likey

And biscuits mate, tea without biscuits gets the heart pumping more than skydiving ever could. That's some serious living on the edge there! Nan's like DnB, don't know what you're talking about, saw yours dancing along to it the other day here:

Oh we had a decent sales manager, it was the weekly "beat up" and instill of fear that really got us through and kept the team motivated... It's why we had to get in external training to help 😃

Definitely tasting the sweet freedom of crypto - this is how it feels everytime I check blockfolio:

Yeah you're a bit closer to 1 BTC than Orca. I still have 0.27 BTC to go but seeing as the route to get BTC from steem is convoluted now, will probably be making inroads to Orcadom quicker now with STEEM sales

Most people will not follow that advice and remain where they are the longest time possible.

You’re probably right, I just hope it does find its way to people who will act on it, I think if you’re in crypto also you’re keen for change not that all crypto people have that mindset but it sure does help

Oh thank you for mentioning my creative contribution. Glad it inspired you! I agree with doing your own thing, people will talk anyway

I think that’s what this place is all about engaging,sharing ideas, finding new information and showing our fears! People lay into you because you’re showing them how inadequate they are at pursuing their passions so they don’t want that reminder so close by and want to take it down!

Positive people concentrate on positivity, negative people concentrate on others positivity