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Hey JessCitizens

Fiat money is a strange old thing; it's given us a way to be complicit in a system while governments and those at the top receive a god complex as they control the flow of capital. Since we are so hopelessly reliant on fiat money, we remain docile. We remain calm as long as we have a steady stream of fiat coming our way as the calm cow always produces more milk as long as its fed.

The problem is what they are feeding us with has no nutritional value/less value/less purchasing power and what we produce from it is what provides the value. Fiat money is modern-day alchemy, and those at the top have figured this out, us at the bottom, create the magic and gold.

The fiat pizza pie

The best way I've found to describe it was to think of a Pizza. The world produces goods and services, and it's all one pizza, but we measure this pizza, not in centimetres but fiat money lets say US dollars.

When governments print money, they do not make the pizza bigger as everyone seems to think they only take the same pizza and slice it up into smaller pieces for you and bigger pieces for them.

They essentially shift more purchasing power to them and leave you with the inflation-based system you have to deal with every day.


Bitcoin the trojan horse

Previously we could only escape into markets like gold, stocks and real estate and while this can go up faster compared to fiats debasement, it's still measured in fiat,. Thus nominal gains are easy to see, but actual gains are hard to see, and you may be losing in some markets even when the price is going up.

Investors and individuals have been stuck looking for places to put their money, and this is why we get these asset bubbles as people pile in thinking they've found the answer, its the same thing they've done with Bitcoin.

The thing with Bitcoin is, it creates an alternative system. You can't trade every day in gold, stocks or real estate, they are repressive wealth but cannot be a currency. How often are you paid in stocks or homes?

Bitcoin allows us to shift purchasing power to another system and then use it practically to generate value and GDP. Bitcoin can work with other assets, it can work with fiat, but it can also work without it, which is why it's so powerful.

It can run parallel and complement the system or allow others to fully opt-out even if it's quite complex and painful to only transact in BTC at this point.

Shifting purchasing power

As more people realise the scourge of inflation that it's not this thing that's to their benefit and keeps them stuck in a loop more people will look at inflation hedge assets like Gold, Silver and Bitcoin. As more purchasing power moves into these markets, they rob fiat of more and more GDP and thus making the fiat far more worthless in relative value.

Eventually, like in some countries you're better of using crypto than your fiat, and all fiat will get there eventually. I would even go as far as to say governments are doing it on purchase knowing it's going to die and trying to buy up all they can with it, while they can.

Once they are happy to pull the trap door on fiat, they'll launch some digital replacement and force people into it. Hopefully, by then many of us would have tasted what it's like to hold your own money and not want to go back unless they give you a good deal.

Governments and banks need to learn to serve us; not we serve them. Until such a time, we should keep our money to ourselves.

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Truth is the government wants to control rust people spend, how they save and the currencies they use. Fiat currency enslaves people but to the government it keeps them in check. I really enjoyed reading this

The problem, reaction, solution. They hit you in the knees and then say we have the crutches to help you walk but you can't do it without us. The bigger they get the more parasitic they become and we need to bring out the BTC bug spray

Exactly and then BTC will eventually reach global adoption, it's just a matter of time. The government knows people will start seeing the need to buy into crypto soon

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I wonder if they'll try to buy some or mine some soon. I heard the Venezuelan and Iranian governments are now starting to mine BTC

Well if there is ever a rally or a collective action to get completely out of fiat I'm telling you I will right in the mix of that action, you have no idea how I detest the fiat system.

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LOL I'll be leading the way with our without collective action and be waiting for all of you on the other side. I can't see myself winning in fiat so the choice is easy for me

Give me a slow and smooth shift to crypto please. Not a crash.

It won't be because of us, it will be because of their reaction, the more we move into BTC the more stimulus will be needed and each package will be bigger than the last one. I expect the US to announce theres before the end of the month, we here already got a $5 Billion loan from the world bank and I'm pretty sure the ECB aren't going to stop printing either

aahh. I got the point. And a cup of coffee.
The only bad thing with btc going up - is that it will take more time for me to reach 1 btc.

I know the feeling I was just saying it needs to crash so I can make up the difference to 1 coin lol

You are so sel fish. sell fish sellish selfies or something

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You're right. I loved the pizza metaphor, it made the understanding of your ideas very easy. I doubt that those who hold the power to their own crypto will give it to the banks. I really doubt it.

I'm sure there will be a percentage of people that hold it themselves but when I look at how much crypto sits on exchanges and trying to break the idea of not using custodial services that have become the norm over the last 40 years I can't see people wanting to own their own money. Normies like this system, even if it punishes them, we won't be able to get everyone out, but we can always teach those willing to learn

How can you not want to own your own money? How?

LOL I think asking one another wouldn't get us very far, we need to speak to more normies and see what they say


Never did like pizza.... lol

Completely agree with everything you have said and yes, ALL fiat will get there eventually... and a lot sooner than we may anticipate too. !tip

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Oh its doubling up faster ever time they inject new money into the system, I'm amazed at how robust it is though, it can surly take a lot of abuse which gives us time to move over smoothly into the new world

When your BTC hits the moon, like a big pizza pie, that's amore!

When your BTC hits the moon, like a big pizza pie, that's amore!

No arguments from me there haha :D

Getting Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin may just help against inflation. I read an article recently about people selling their altcoins while they are at the lower prices and buying Bitcoin when it is pumping up. I guess these people should not have done that as they are losing money actually. Using fiat to get Bitcoin can be a nice investment but with a high-priced Bitcoin, the risk is higher as we do not know when it may drop again.


People are always going to change tail winds most money is dumb money! That’s just the nature of all markets!

I think With Alts being anchored to BTC it provides a sort of floor and rising tide as it rides so you don’t have to really trade to win!

If you pick good projects it will rise with BTC

I get what you’re saying I also bought lots of overpriced BTC all the way down and then I averaged it out all the way yo but no ones going to do that unless they are confident in BTC and that’s why people lose money

They see one bad day or trade and give up! Fundamental take time to come through

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