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Hey Jessoviet Union

I grew up in a socialist household; I think you can tell since I'm named after a commie sex symbol Che Guevara. While I am willing to proudly carry on the tradition of being a sex symbol, I'm not one to carry socialist ideals. I've always leaned more to capitalism, and as a business owner, it's only driven me further down that frame of thinking.

Both ideologies have good intentions but have different ways of getting there, and I don't think either one is bad or good, I just think both fail when done at scale and when done half-heartedly.

The problem with both ideologies is that they cannot be implemented correctly under the way money is controlled, managed and distributed and it's a horrible middle ground that only benefits the bankers, money creators and debt markets.

Shoddy Implementation

I feel like so much time, and energy has been wasted debating the pros and cons of each when the implementation of it has been flawed. I think that these systems cannot scale without massive corruption extracting value and bastardising it and that their needs to be a collection of people on each side in each region, keeping the other from becoming inefficient.

If some people choose socialism, and some people choose capitalism, they can allow those who agree or disagree to move to the system that suits them best.

That way we don't have migration based only on trying to extract resources somewhere else for a better life but moving because you want to live in a place that wants to achieve a better life by means of the ideologies you agree with and you would want to participate in with their labour and time.

Capitalism vs Socialism

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I think the idea of nations running economies has reached its expiry date and the first victim will be the Euro and the European Union, the biggest centrally planned economy in the world. I think for either system to be efficient a collection of people be it a city, province, state or nation need to agree on the system they want to work under and then work towards that goal.

Have your money reflect your ideas

If you want socialism, then go with fiat money but have it pegged to something, so it is not a debt-based economy and has its limits. Tax who you need to tax, distribute to those you need to distribute to and run your system.

If you want socialism, have hard money and have those competing for hard money by producing goods and services. Have no taxes and have no safety nets and let people own their money that provides deflationary protection and drives encouraging of savings even when the marketplace is consumer-driven.

Then let the people decide which system they want to live in and allow for spin-offs and forks where people want a hybrid with some socialist traits and some capitalist traits.

That, to me would be the real free market.

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Is it time for a completely free market?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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I believe in the freedom of making your own financial choices. But for that... You oughta be a bit smart

I agree with you, which is why I put out the type of content that I do, I might sound like a broken record but each post I make may reach someone different and help them understand. Tomorrows one will show you how to invest in Bitcoin and make a profit without being smart :)


Uuu looking forward to that

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The system of fiat money is rigged anyway.


Is that why you aussies want to force everyone on welfare programmed cards and still pushing through the cash ban? I see you guys are also getting a new stimulus package to support....home buying lol! How much higher can you drive home prices?

I swear you guys all want to live in billion dollar homes!

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I think socialism is the greatest thing to happen to society and should be credited with the splendors of mans greatest achievements. Without the progress of how we see the needs of society as a whole we could not have even the most basic of conveniences such as the internet for example which was created and paid for by US tax dollars. Do you think that society could exist without governance? When someone steals your shit who you gonna call? Lol the poor dont even call the police unless it is life threatening. Capitalism effectively should serve as a means to sustain socialism. How does this all work on the blockchain? For you to assume that socialism will stay with fiat is wild to me. The concept of the blockchain and cryptocurrency in general should be viewed as a way to monetize governmental systems and create an income from what was previously considered a corruptible system to an all accounted for revenue stream. This is just my revolutionary idea for the future of socialism and the blockchain. We will probably get some type of UBI from hosting a us backed coin on our networks or maybe it will be communal instead of governmental lol idek its all speculation 😅😝😂 dont be too greedy in these times lol the looters might come for you like the 1%

I think that's cherry-picking the best out of the system and excluding the atrocities it also brings, neither system us superior to the other, especially when the implementations are so half baked you cannot really compare them. Trying to debate the merits of each system when it's a moving target will never get us anywhere.

Let's say for example I don't want UBI because I know the cost implications in the long term, I would like the option to opt-out and own all my purchasing power outright if you want currency with conditions by all means.

I would just like people to be allowed to have systems they agree with and move to the one they feel best. People will go where they are treated best and that's when you see which policy is the best, not hoarding people into one or the other.

Having a country running multiple systems will be a tad bit confusing though.

Why? The Americans already do it? Each state has their own government I don’t see why they can’t have their own currency! You need to forget that indoctrination of it can only be centrally planned it’s a load of shit

If it can be done so poorly on a national level it can be done better on a local level! For example my city not even Cape Town my city where I live had a bigger GDP than Namibia and that’s an entire damn country

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let me check out the previous post. In America where they run different systems, the fundamentals are still basically capitalism right?

Calling it capitalism in some places would be a reach like West Virgina has a massive socialist program to support their residents whereas a place like Texas has far less programs and doesn't have income tax, so people can find the variation of the system they like and I think this is what we need across the globe, but also with a region that has its own money etc