Kareem Ben Moolood exists !!! It's Tarik Ramadan

in #pedogate2 months ago

Yesterday, I was writting about an hypothetical rapists of muslim origin in France...


and there I wrote :

"I am sure that all the people with the little hats would have pilled on him and french state to get him "extradited"."

First of all, I don't believe a second of the innocence of this guy pretending to be a "political victim".

Secondly, I believe he is a vicious man, with this nasty tempting de-perdition emanating from him, what some call "charm" or what ever, but I am sure many see what I mean (like the guy who wanted his free coffee or something like this). the deviant look :).

But rather than complain on the insane injustice that the french legal system has become (some plants of the creation and it's all hell, a rapist, who has victim support groups and there 2 years, nothing is being done ).

I find this outrageous.

And what about of those terrorists of Nice? Paris? or other various attacks? still in the "trial processes"? what is going ? What are they doing? fighting hashish? nothing else do???

So I read here that this tarik is an international serial rapist : https://www.lefigaro.fr/actualite-france/tariq-ramadan-entendu-a-paris-par-le-procureur-de-geneve-20200716

but what I found amazing is this line from this article : https://www.liberation.fr/france/2019/09/08/affaire-ramadan-et-les-violences-redemarraient_1750090

"De fait, sa garde rapprochée historique a rompu avec lui depuis le printemps 2018 après des révélations sur sa double vie, peu conforme aux valeurs qu’il prônait lui-même dans ses conférences. Le théologien peut-il reconstituer des réseaux, par le passé très efficaces ? «Ce sera très limité», estime un ancien proche. «Autour de Tariq Ramadan, cela s’est réduit comme peau de chagrin», relève un bon observateur."

What does it says? It says that the people who were is friends and associate have let him down !

That's the normal and natural thing to do ! Why couldn't the influential people with the little hats not do it with Polanski? even for a russian to finance his film...

What a shame for those, and what a great lesson from those.