Scorched Earth Policy, Steemit Inc sabotaging itself as it leaves to hive. Will nothing grow on steem/ steemit now? Actually it can become an anarcho capitalist paradise when Justin Sun sells it back to @dan larimer

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Remember if anyone from tron wants to buy you can for only $1000 and I will accept Steem or trx or any liquid crypto.

I would advise whoever is left at @steemit hire me to do damage control if you want to have any shot at selling steemit for a price higher than Justin Sun bought it at.

If you are serious about Steem as a global tool for business, we can actually pump the price up higher than Hive and get people to post JUST for the steem payouts

Its almost like Asia just eats the leftovers of the West. You have our sloppy seconds.How about you turn this abused whore into a wife?

Lets make steem and steemit inc valuable as an advertising platform for promoting ANY and ALL crypto projects so that we can grab a large portion of all that massive GAMBLING market

We should soley use steemit now to promote Gambling and Bit Torrent etc

Money coming in for promotions and BID BOTS can be used to BUY MORE STEEM

@booster can make a huge comeback and RULE the chain with Bid Bots and all the white users and developers will be happier over on Hive. But Asians will never have the incentive to create dapps if they have no culture of private property. Indonesia strikes me as a good place to start anarcho capitalism online.... so many Indonesians have already joined steem and, may stay OR may go depending on what side of the infowar Justin Sun is on

I already told Justin how to win over steemians .... @cryptopie is waiting for a vacation and now, it will be too late because of the hospital quarantine. he may very well die as a result of this lack of action

Please @justinsunsteemit help @cryptopie


The world is in a serious crisis and has brought down a lot of activities especially on the blockchain. Good to have you share this @ackza

Highly rEsteemed!